The 16th ASSITEJ Croatia Meeting of Professional Children’s and Youth Theatres

Čakovec, 14-19 October 2013. The official selection will comprise eleven performances by theatres from The 16th ASSITEJ Croatia Meeting of Professional Children’s and Youth Theatres will be held in all over Croatia (two performances are out of competition). Matko Botić is the selector of this year’s meeting.

An expert jury composed of Renata Karola Gotica, Helena Petković and Lada Martinac will award the most successful performances in several categories.  High attendance rates with more than 5000 visitors on average at previous annual meetings, as well as the fact that Croatian theatres present their best achievements from the past theatrical season, have ensured that this meeting enjoys the status as one of the leading children’s events in Croatia.

 As part of the side programme of the 16th ASSITEJ Croatia Meeting, four most successful performances from the Professionally Managed Children’s and Youth Theatre Network Meeting held this year will be presented at the Croatian National Theatre Varaždin.  

 Dramatic artist and martial arts instructor Haruka Kuroda (London, UK) will hold a workshop for dramatic artists (actors), members of ASSITEJ Croatia and students at the 2nd International Croatia World Collaboration Conference, which will take place as part of our meeting.

 The representatives of the Croatian Ministry of Culture as well as the members of ASSITEJ Croatia and UNIMA Croatia will take part in the planned round table entitled “A BACKPACK (FULL) OF CULTURE”.

 The SLUK Picture Book exhibition will be presented by Branko Mihaljević Children’s Theatre in Osijek. The meeting is organized by the Pinklec Theatre Company from the Čakovec Culture Center and Assitej Croatia.


Čalovec, 14 – 18 October 2013



Monday, 14 October 2013



10:00 am  The Little Star – Zadar Puppet Theatre (CZK hall)

  1:00 pm  You Are Still Green – Zorin Dom City Theatre, Karlovac (CZK hall)

 5:00 pm Snow White Must Die – Pinklec Theatre Company and Croatian National Theatre Varaždin (CZK hall)

  Tuesday 15 October 2013

 10:00 am  Street Wanderers by Gorica Scene City Theatre (CZK hall)

 12:00 pm   REPEAT PERFORMANCE – Drama Studio of the Zorin Dom City Theatre, Karlovac

A Confused Tale (big stage, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin)

 1:00 pm  The Little Needle – Mala Scena Theatre, Zagreb (CZK stage)

 1:30 pm   REPEAT PERFORMANCE –  Dubrava Children’s Theatre Drama Studio, Zagreb

FEAR (Chamber theatre stage Rogoz, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin)

 6:00 pm  REPEAT PERFORMANCE –  Youth Theatre Studio, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin

DEAD QUEEN, 1,2,3… (Chamber theatre stage Rogoz, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin)

 7:00 pm The  SLUK Picture Book – Rescued from Oblivion (CZK, exhibition area)

  Wednesday, 16 October 2013

  9,00  am   REPEAT PERFORMANCE – Drama Studio Dada of the Pinklec Theatre Company, Čakovec

WINDSPLASH (Chamber theatre stage Rogoz, Croatian National Theatre Varaždin)

  10:00 am  Crumbs from the Living Room – Žar Ptica Theatre, Zagreb (CZK hall)

  3:00 pm  Cinderella – Rijeka City Puppet Theatre (CZK hall)

  6:00 pm The Fantastic Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Sisak City Theatre, KKV House of Culture (CZK hall)

  Thursday, 17 October 2013

  10:00 am  Grga Čvarak – Branko Mihaljević Children’s Theatre, Osijek (CZK hall)

 3:00  pm House Ghosts or the Invisible Recipes for Happiness – Children’s Theatre Dubrava and Pinklec Theatre Company (CZK stage)

     Friday 18 October 2013

  10:00 am  Telephone Stories – Virovitica Theatre (CZK Hall)