International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People

In 1965, a global association of professional theatres for children and youth established the ASSITEJ International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People / Association Internationale du Theatre pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse. Thirty years later, ASSITEJ is an international network linking thousands of theatres and individuals from some 60 countries. From Japan to Zimbabwe, from Australia to France, from Russia to India, America to the Middle East, ASSITEJ recognizes the right for all children to develop through art. In stimulating the creator’s of children and youth theatres to strive for higher standards of theatrical accomplishment, ASSITEJ joints cultures by promoting equality, peace, education and cultural and racial harmony.



To enrich the lives of children and youth, to link individuals, professional theatres and theatre institutions in the process of raising artistic standards of theatre for children and youth.



As an association of theatre professionals, ASSITEJ supports:

  • the teaching of children and youth through art
  • the global exchange of ideas and cultural traditions
  • international cooperation between professional creators of youth theatre



  • promoting peace, equality, tolerance and education
  • stimulating the professional development of theatre for children and youth
  • recognizing the competencies of children and their ability to contribute to the future development of society




  • direct access to an international, professional network
  • association of national networks of professional theatre workers
  • access to scientific research materials on the topic of theatre for children and youth
  • up-to-date global information
  • professional publications, such as the worldwide International Children’s Theatre Festival Listing
  • national and international contacts for marketing, production, creativity and dissemination of theatre
  • annual awards
  • annual meetings and workshops at festivals
  • annual conferences and seminars
  • international congresses and festivals every three years
  • selection of national and international representatives



An award of honour of the ASSITEJ International office is awarded by the ASSITEJ USA centre, in memory of Patricia Fulton Eek.

The award is recognition for the work of individual artists or theatre groups working to benefit children and youth. The award includes a US $1000 prize, a silver coin and bottle of champagne.


The title “Theatres of the World” is awarded at the annual international festival of professional theatres for children and young people in recognition of the international cultural exchange and progress of professional theatre for the young audience. The title “ASSITEJ World Project” is awarded several times per year with special projects around the world, such as symposiums and conferences.



Opened in Paris in 1965, the archives were entrusted to the care of the Kinder-und Jugendtheaterzentrum research centre in Frankfurt, Germany in 1992. The archives contain information on all the ASSITEJ centres around the world. New materials are also collected and processed.




The congress and general assembly offer the opportunity for connections, professional development and cultural exchange, thus facilitating the administrative, philosophical and ethnical tasks of the International ASSITEJ. The selection of staff, changes and confirmation of structures, discussions and special performances are among the main activities.

Once every three years, and in cooperation with the leading world youth theatre festivals, the congress and general assembly become the administrative centre of ASSITEJ.




As an open and non-governmental organization, ASSITEJ is an organization with a modern structure, allowing it to meet the needs and interests of different members regardless of where they live and work. ASSITEJ International handles the tasks under the guidance of an elected Executive Committee, which is responsible for membership. The Executive Committee consists of 17 members, and is appointed to a 3-year term by the General Assembly. Selected members from the Committee form the “Office”, consisting of the General Secretary, President, Treasurer and three Vice-presidents. The position of General Secretary is particularly important, and this person is responsible for the main administration of the organization, including communication with members worldwide. All positions in the Executive Committee are positions with the direct task of executing the association’s goals. This is realized through public relations and the ASSITEJ publishing activities. Each ASSITEJ member has its own national ASSITEJ centre, which can have a formal structure with an executive board, or informal structure with advisory council. As a centre of activity for professional administrators, directors, actors and writers for theatre for children and young people in different countries, ASSITEJ is open to professional theatre groups, adult amateur societies, university theatre groups, institutions, organizations or individuals working in the field of theatre for young people.




For more information about ASSITEJ International, write to:

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