ASSITEJ Croatia candidate for the Executive Committee ASSITEJ

ASSITEJ Croatia Assembly, 10 September 2013:

Leo Vukelić selected as candidate for the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ at the electoral assembly meeting held in Warsaw, Poland, in May 2014.



Leo Vukelić – Some Sketches for a Biography:

– Born 41 years ago, father of three, writes and speaks English and German

– Graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, Germany, Department of Sculpture

– Around 20 solo exhibitions and more than 50 group exhibitions at home and abroad

– Member of a number of organisational committees and competition juries

– Author of more than 20 experimental films and videos

– Works bought by the Contemporary Art Museum in Zagreb and the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

– Dedicated to theatre for children and young people for 15 years

– Stage or costume designer for over 60 authorial projects hitherto, mostly for children and young people, in almost all Croatian theatres

– Author of several dramatic texts, actor and director of theatre shows for children and young people

– Honoured with a number of professional acknowledgements and awards for theatre for children and young people projects

– Head of the Children’s Theatre Dubrava at the Dubrava Open University since 2006

– Produced 35 professional theatre shows for children and young people, with many winning prestigious professional awards and becoming essential direction signs for practice in Croatian children and youth theatres

– Member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ Croatia, second term

– Initiated and started the European Theatre Night, adopted in over 10 European countries and nearly 300 theatres

– Encouraged the establishment of the network of professionally managed theatres for children and young people of ASSITEJ Croatia

– Realized 10 co-productions with other theatres from Croatia and the neighbouring countries at the Children’s Theatre Dubrava

– One of the authors of the strategy of development of ASSITEJ Croatia

– Founder of the S. A. D. – Student Atelier Dubrava, a platform for young and aspiring artists that provides both space and opportunity for artistic endeavours


Leo Vukelić – Views and Aspirations:

– Encouraging young artists who are just starting to make names for themselves, their networking efforts and cooperation regardless of language, religion, cultural and national barriers

– Introducing theatre pedagogy into formal education and schooling systems

– Advocates merging tradition and modernity  

Long distance co-productions, instituting funds and promoting cooperation among long-distance cultures

International culture caravans – establishing regional co-productions

Theatre book – creating a Theatrical Facebook, a place for business-to-business meetings, networking and exchange of theatre workers in accordance with supply and demand

– Practicums by theatre workers as part of the best design workshops in the world

Theatre as a contemporary art museum – a special incentive program intended to encourage visual artists to dedicate themselves to theatre for children and young people, as well as to create awareness of equal importance and equal value of theatre for children and young people within contemporary art